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Sporting Event Insurance

Sporting Insurance is all about enjoying the game without being effected by huge losses resulting from game brawls, or related lawsuits. Sports insurance is a must regardless if you are organizing a one-time sporting event, maintaining league teams, or are organizing tournaments.

FilmIns offers a full range of insurance programs that protects sports organizations (leagues, teams and associations), athletes, coaches, sports directors, and volunteers. 

We offer accident insurance, general liability insurance, directors and officers liability insurance, criminal liability insurance, equipment coverage and insurance to cover claims arising from (a) injury or death of athletes and volunteers, (b) damage to property, (c) activities related to practice or actual games, and (d) use, ownership, or maintenance of athletic fields or practice areas.


Covering a key artist or worker will insure the stability of your production should anything happen.

Sporting Insurance Quote

Sports insurance also covers the cost of investigating, and defending sports personalities, against such claims.

We guarantee your protection at a very competitive price. We offer protection for athletes in a wide range of sports - amateur to professional. We have specialized liability insurance and accident insurance for adult sports, martial arts, and wrestling, kick boxing and other tough guy sports. Our other products include liability and accident insurance for sport teams, leagues, as well as liability and accident insurance for camps and clinics.

Our guarantee is that you will find the right insurance protection that will match your needs and, more importantly, your budget. Ask us for a quote now.

Here is a partial list of the sports we provide insurance coverage for.

• Aerobics Events
• Archery Tournaments
• Badminton
• Baseball Games
• Basketball Games
• Bicycle Rallies (No Racing)
• Body Building Competitions
• Bowling Tournaments
• Boxing Matches
• Cross Country Running
• Cross Country Skiing
• Fishing Events
• Football Games
• Golf Events
• Gymnastic Competitions
• Handball Clubs
• Hockey Games
• Junior and Athletic Games
• Karate Meets
• Kick Boxing Tournaments
• Little League
• Marathons
• Martial Arts Competitions and Classes
• Racquetball
• Rodeos and Roping Events
• Rowing
• Skateboard Events
• Soccer Tournaments
• Softball Games
• Speed Skating
• Swimming and Water Activities
• Tennis Event
• Volleyball Events
• Weightlifting
• Wrestling

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